In our production department of circular knitting, all current technologies and fabric constructions are covered: single jersey, double jersey, interlock, finerib, single-Jacquard, double-Jacquard, piqué, from standard gauges E24 to E28 right up to the fine gauges of E40 and E50.

Excellent Finishing

This extreme fineness puts completely new and high requirements on the mechanics, machine adjustments, yarn utilisation and procedures in dyeing and finishing, as well as the handling of the fabrics at all stages of the process. Hardly any other company has at its disposal such a broad production basis in circular knitting especially for synthetic fabrics. In many fields the machine endowment is very modern or on the cutting edge of technology.

Circular Knitted Fabric

Thanks to technology and experimentation, Pisa  can extend its experience and unmistakable know-how  to fibers like cashmere, silk, linen, wool, cotton, viscose to remarkable  fein knitted fabrics. And working with this mix of fibers enables Pisa to experiment and therefore  the creation of all that is considered modern and cutting-edge in the quality fabrics sector.

Every Thread is a Story,

Every Fabric is a Masterpiece!