Environmental Sustainability

Pisa Fabric aims a strategy of growth and profitability while never loosing sight of its primary goals in terms of financial, social and environmental sustainability. As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, we believe that it is our obligation to outline Pisa Fabric’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Our genuine commitment helps us to build goodwill in the community where we live and work.

Choosing ethical, climate smart methods and protecting natural resources are just a few things that we have been doing naturally for generations.

Research and Development

Pisa is characterized not only by the quality, creativity and eco-sustainability of its fabrics, but also for the seriousness in its commercial and industrial relations. New materials, special designs and new collections are, in fact, the product of the attention to the many needs of its customers, fairness in relations with its employees and the constant and massive investments in research and development.

In Pisa we are proud of our gender diversity. As a group, across the industries, we facilitate women’s access to positions of responsibility and leadership. 60 % of our upper and middle management positions are held by women


At Pisa Tekstil, we place our philosophy of sustainability and environmental friendliness at the core of all our production processes. Each of our fabric qualities is a reflection of our eco-friendly and innovative approaches.

In our facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machines, we minimize our impact on the environment by using less water and energy. With modern and efficient production methods, we offer high-performance and aesthetic products while preserving natural resources. Our sustainable fabrics not only contribute to fashion but also benefit our planet.

Our goals for 2025 include the reuse of rainwater collected through rainwater harvesting channels in the factory, and for 2026, we plan to invest in solar panels on 1000 m2 of unused land on our premises to supply energy for office use.

When different textures, patterns, and colors come together, the cloth becomes an artistic masterpiece.