Always Looking for the Future

Pisa is one of the first company to invest in new technologies and to develop digital printing and paper printing. And a policy of keeping production processes right up to date is what enables Pisa  to remain innovative, as well as an inventor of original methods.

We believe that experimentation is the basis for inspiration and research which, together with our excellence in international fashion, make Pisa a leader in the sector

Limitless Creativity

Department, in fact, keeps abreast of fashion trends where both solid colour and printed fabrics are concerned, ensures a wide colour choice and a great variety of designs, textures and finishes, high-definition printing and perfect matching of print and solid pieces. Besides extraordinary technical properties, the Pisa Fabrics range is characterised by its outstanding aesthetic quality.

Strenghts of Design

The creative strengths of Pisa Fabrics include:

• wide and continuously enriched choice of colours
• rich choice of textures and finishes
• highly refined, sharp prints
• coordinated print and solid colour combinations.