The technological production set up at Pisa is extremely diverse.

Some production technologies, machine features and innovative characteristics are only available at Pisa. The company disposes of Jet, Airjet  and beam-dyeing machines of the latest generation. Notably the continue-production line for the open-width pre-treatment and washing of highly elastic knitted fabrics stands unique in the world.

Fashion Colours

Owing to our innovative focus, we are specialists in the fulfillment of new demands. To achieve this, we deploy the latest production technologies and the newest equipment. Apart from large, industrial bulk production, our company is also adapted to cater for smaller seasonal and fashion orders.

Combined with great professionalism and experience is the ability to customize the product with intelligent finishings  making each collection exclusive.

Environmentally Friendly

Pisa works environmentally friendly and disposes of an autonomous water and waste water treatment. A large amount of the process heat (from used water and used air) is recovered and reused.

Red, blue, yellow, green and many more colors…
They’re getting ready to tell a new story