The warp knitted fabric division has historically made products of the highest quality, innovation and diversity.

They’re part of our core business and therefore a great source of pride for the company, along with our range of fabrics. Pisa has been serving its customers for many years with the wide range synthetic fabrics which have high elasticity and performance that are used in producing fabrics for swimwear, lingerie, activewear, corsetry, linings etc.

Wide Variety Construction

All current fabric constructions are covered: plain fabrics, structured fabrics and fabrics designed via the technologies of tricotronic and rascheltronic. For our electronically steered designs it is possible to create fabric designs with unlimited repeat lengths.

Dense Fabric Structures

Despite their fineness, these fabrics are opaque and captivate by a pleasant wearing comfort and a very beautiful optical appearance. Complementing our base and plain fabric qualities, there is a number of matching fabric designs and Jacquards. The fine knitting gauges result in dense fabric structures which have the additional benefit of a high sun protection factor. Solidity to UV rays as well as resistance to chlorine and salt water are self-understood properties of the fabric.

Make your mark with our quality, durable and innovative fabrics. Bring your style to us, feel the difference!